Our Work

Community Ward Forums

On behalf of the Marr Community Planning Group we are responsible for running the Community Ward Forums.  These are quarterly events, held in each of the three wards of Marr, to which community councils and other community based organisations are invited to discuss local issues with each other and service providers and agencies.  The forums aim to do the following:

  • Ensure that the views of communities and community organisations are fed into the formal community planning process
  • Provide an opportunity for ongoing, two way communication between the service providers and the community
  • Keep communities up to date with new developments which may affect them
  • Support the development of Community Councils and other community organisations by providing training and information
  • Provide excellent opportunity forinformal learning, networking with othercommunity organisations/representatives and sharing information and experiences

If you think that your group may benefit from attending, please contact us. Copies of all presentations given at previous forums, as well as future venues and forum dates, can be found on the Our Aberdeenshire web site.


The Marr Community Planning Group invites you to the Marr Community Ward Forums 2019. Please put the following dates in your Diary.  Details of forums throughout the year will follow.


South Marr: 6.45-9pm,  Thursday 14th November 2019 Victory Hall, Aboyne

North Marr: 6.45-9pm, Wednesday 13th November 2019 Village Hall, Lumsden. 

You are welcome to go along to any of the venues and please pass on this invite to community groups or activists. If you have any questions about the Community Ward Forums please contact kate@marrareapartnership.org.uk who facilitates the forums on behalf of the Marr Community Planning Group. Thank you, The Marr Community Planning Group

Community Action Plans

Community action planning is a process which is used to establish the needs and aspirations of local people to improve services and facilities within their own community. It has great potential to enable communities to take ownership of issues and get something done about them. It also enables them to complement and inform the planning that statutory agencies undertake.   Marr Area Partnership has supported groups in Braemar, Aboyne, Torphins, Kincardine O’Neil, Tarland, Ballater, Banchory, Gartly, Strathdon Area and Alford to develop their own community action plans and we are currently working with communities in the Howe of Alford, Braemar and Banchory to review or produce new Community Action Plans.  We can work with communities of all sizes on these plans, adapting the process and timescale according to the size of the community. Contact us if you would like to discuss doing a Community Action Plan in your community. An example of such a plan is below.

Village Halls Marr

Area Partnership was the lead partner in the production of a manual used by village halls to assist in their management and development. The manual was developed in response to problems experienced by hall committees in relation to new regulatory requirements introduced by the Public Entertainments Licence. The Your Hall Manual was launched in February 2009 and is being widely used across Marr. We provide support and advice to hall committees as well as updating the manual when necessary. If you would like to receive a copy of the manual or would like to get advice or help with managing your hall, please contact us. We also continue to work closely with Aberdeenshire Council and Hall Committees to facilitate understanding and application of the licencing process.